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This is a list of 43 top websites & apps you can use to make money by either creating content for a brand or signing up to be an infuencer for them. What is the difference between the two? Content creators only create content for the brand and they do not need to post on their own social media platforms, because of that content creators do not need to have a huge following to make money. Influencers create content that they post to their personal audience/social medial following so there is normally a minimum about of follwers you need to have to apply to those platforms (the most common is 1000 followrs).  Your success is not guaranteed, you must make sure you do the work to learn how to creat good content. This list is the perfect start for anyone who wants to make money from their social media. 

Content Creator/Influencer Sign Up List

  • Don't forget to set up automations to save all of your content and repost your videos to other platforms. You can do that using this program HERE

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